I just found a tutorial that teaches how to change the transparency of a text box with an Increase transparency and Decrease transparency button. I tried to work it but then realised the code was meant for C#. I am just wondering what code I would use to change the transparency of a text box via a button in Visual C++.


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Look up the functions in MSDN. It will often provide C++ examples as well as C#.

Thanks mate :). Will check them out. I did try to find it on google but couldn't.

I can't find it in the MSDN library.

what are you looking for? Name specific win32 api functions or C# functions.

I searched transparency c++, transparency and transparent.

That tutorial should have shown you how to do it in C#. Look up the C# functions.

I suppose here is one example

I am doing C++ though.

The link I gave you IS c++. Download the example and see if you can port it without using MFC. Writing windows programs in pure c/c++ is pretty tough code. It can be done, but its not something beginners can tackle.

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