Hello All!

I am trying to do something simple. Which is why our application is failing miserably;)

Anyway, I am attempting to use the itoa() - integer to ASCII function to convert an
integer value, lets say 123 into "123".

The code compiles successfully, however during the linking, it says undefined symbol "itoa". I did a search and found that the itoa() function is a non-standard implementation.

Can someone please assist? I remember sscanf or sprintf, and have used sprintf, but it
was unsuccessful.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Does your sprintf call look like this?

#include <stdio.h>

int main(void)
  int x = 123;
  char s[4]; /* Enough room for "123" +1 for null character */

  sprintf(s, "%d", x);

  return 0;

How exactly was it unsuccessful for you?


Radical Edward:

I found the problem thanks to your example! I had done the following:

sprintf(char_buffer, [B]"%s"[/B], integer_value);

I used "%s" whereas I should have used "%d"....

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> I found the problem thanks to your example!
Woohoo! :) Just remember that sprintf and sscanf are exactly the same as fprintf and fscanf except they use strings instead of files. That's how Ed keeps things straight in her head.

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