I have just started to learn C++, and so I got my self a copy of "TEACH YOURSELF C++ IN 21 DAYS".

1/ Could someone pls say if this book is suitable for a new a newbie.

2/ And what about it's counterpart, " TEACH YOURSELF C++ IN 24 HOURS"?
Is it any good for a newbie?

Thanks much guys.


Read a bit in the bookstore, didnt really sound that good to me, and everybody else agreed that it was not really a helpful book, in my opinion it isn't.

well, as for me, it's not that bad. i read bits of it online...though i really don't believe that you can really learn c++ in 21 days. ;)

My point exactly, C++ is not that hard of a language to comprehend with and learn, but it takes more then 21 days to learn it, I am positive about it, and I saw the 24 hours one, 'em, not really so sure about it, literally I don't.

I think i'm a bit too late,but teach yourself C++ in 24 hours is something i woudn't recommend because you will know the sytax and everything but you wont know how to apply it,it take at least a month to learn a language be patient.The 21 days one is fine :)

My recommendation: Avoid those "Learn X Language in Y Time" books. If you really want to learn, you should be ready to spend a lot more than months to be "good" at it. Winrycool1 hit right in the nail: With those books, you will get the syntax but you will have no idea of how to use it.

Personally, I learned with a book I got years ago called "C++ Without Fear". It's not the best beginners book and it doesn't even have the best compiler included, but it did a good job teaching me basic C++ and how to apply those concepts. Granted, I had to read other books (and still am), but I think it set a good foundation on me to keep learning.

I actually read Learn C++ in 21 days. It was one of about 4 books I used to teach myself C++. Without naming the other books, 21 Days was the most helpful and seemed to cover more than the others. I also found myself a medium sized project to put into practice what I learned. There's no substitute for actual experience. As for your question, I would recommend 21 Days as a tutorial, but would also suggest reading a couple other books to supplement what you learn there.

You guys did see the date on that thread, didn't you? :)