I'm still interested if someone read this book since it's based upon standard C++?!
Can one learn C++ over Visual... I mean what's difference anyway, except M$ is involved in Visual ?!

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I think you are confused.
C++ is the language, whereas Visual C++ is an ide and compiler suite created by Microsoft, which helps with programming in C++

I'm a novice :D

One reason its named "Visual C++" because its a c++ compiler/IDE designed to make writing MS-Windows programs easier. Otherwise it will compile standard c++ programs without a problem unless you try to use something from the newest version of c++ standards which vc++ has not yet implemented. But then most c++ compilers are not 100% c++ standards compliant.

In other words I can learn c++ with it ?!

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that is what it seems to be doesn't it ? :P

yes it will buy the book,buy visual studio.
and you are good to go actually it is one of the latest IDE and compiler for c++
also if you are looking for a free alternative you can use the visual c++ Express(free version) which offers limited features or use Code::Blocks which is a fully fledged open-source IDE just download the one with MinGW compiler HERE is the link

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