Hi Guys!

I am trying to make a simple and very basic Database in Python. Something, like a small agenda with contacts.
I make a dictionary within the script and I was trying to update that info with new Input data. The problem is that I am not sure I can do it and second, I don't know if it would be better to update an "external" dictionary in another file. The code is in portuguese (below) but it's simple. It's just a simple dictionary with a Client's info. With...

 - Name;
 - Surname;
 - Address;
 - Zip/Postal Code;
 - City ;
 - Country;
 - Phone number

...etc, etc, 7 fields.

I want to update the info with new Clients input data.
Any help please?

Cliente = {}
Cliente['Nome'] = {}
Cliente['Apelido'] = {}
Cliente['Morada'] = {}
Cliente['Cod_Postal'] = {}
Cliente['Localidade/Cidade'] = {}
Cliente['Pais'] = {}
Cliente['Telefone'] = {}

def lookup(data, label, name):
    return data[label].get(name)

print '-----------------------------'
print 'Introduza os dados do Cliente '
print '-----------------------------'
print '_____________________________'
name = str(raw_input('Nome: '))
surname = str(raw_input('Sobrenome: '))
print '--------------------'
print '       Morada'
print '--------------------'
street = str(raw_input('Rua: '))
number = str(raw_input('Numero: '))
postal_code = str(raw_input('Codigo Postal: '))
city = str(raw_input('Cidade: '))
country = str(raw_input('Pais: '))
print '--------------------'
phone = str(raw_input('Telefone: '))
print '____________________'
print ''

address_1 = street+', '+number+','
address_2 = postal_code+' '+city.capitalize()+','
address_3 = country.capitalize()

a = name.capitalize()+' '+surname.capitalize()
print name.capitalize()+' '+surname.capitalize()
print address_1
print address_2
print address_3
print phone

Cliente = {
    'Antonio Camara':{
        'Morada':'Rua das Taipas, 9',
        'Cod_Postal':'2300-000 Porto',

x = {a:{'Morada':address_1,'Cod_Postal':address_3,'Pais':address_3,'Telf':phone}}
b = Cliente.update(x)
print b
Re: How to Update a Dictionary? 80 80

Look into Python module shelve. It works like a dictionary for your data and saves all updates automatically as long as it is open.

Re: How to Update a Dictionary? 80 80

Thank You! I'll check it out!

Re: How to Update a Dictionary? 80 80

Did the shelve module work or do you still want to debug the dictionary class?

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