I have small project but I can't understand it.
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You’re writing code for an embedded processor for automobile safety. In the final system the car speed will be detected automatically, but in your sample program you will ask the user to input a code indicating the speed. Your system will then display a safety message.

You must have three functions/procedures:

1. A main control procedure.

2. A procedure asking the user to input code indicating speed (km/h) or the exit code.
A or a: 0 – 30
B or b: 31- 75
C or c: 76- 120
D or d: 120+
E or e: exit

3. A procedure which will display a message based on the code obtained above.
For A: Beware of people and cars. Obey lane rules. Park legally.
For B: Watch out for red light or stop sign at next intersection.
For C: Go 10km/h slower and arrive safely only about 3 minutes later.
For D: Don’t kill someone.
For E: Drive safely, goodbye

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