Hi I have just started learning C#
I have installed Visual studio 2005
when I tried to run a C# program,got an error csc is not recognised
I dont know what to do
I tried to google it
got response To fix this problem, execute the batch file corvars.bat located
in the bin directory of the SDK. Change directories to the Framework
SDK root directory, normally installed in the directory \Program Files\
Microsoft.NET\FrameworkSDK\bin. Execute the batch file by typing
corvars on the command line. Now change directories back to where
your program is saved and compilation should be successful

i tried my best but no result
Plz help

Make sure the dot-net framework that is installed is version 2. CSC.exe is the c# compiler that VS and all tools use to create the actual c# executable. Each dot-net version has its own CSC.