I have tried eveything to count the reccurrence of just the word hello. I open a file and can count the words in the textbox but can't count just the on word that i want. Please help with this problem. thanks

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Here is a way to do it, I made a function GetWord which will return a word depending on the index and the gaps you give it. It will loop through all the words and count number of words that match. Hope it helps.

using namespace std;

inline bool TextContains(char *txt, char ch) {
	while (*txt) if (*txt++ == ch)
		return 1;
	return 0;
inline char *SubStr(char *text, int beg, int end) {
	register int len = end - beg;
	char *cut = new char[len];
	memcpy_s(cut,(rsize_t)len, &text[beg], (size_t)len);
	cut[len] = '\0';
	return cut;
int CountWords(char *text, char *gaps) {
	register bool t = 0, ot = 0;
	register int wc = 0, i = 0;
	while (TextContains(gaps, text[i])) i++;
	for (;text[i];i++) {
		t = TextContains(gaps, text[i]);
		if (t != ot) wc++;
		ot = t;
	return (wc/2)+1;
char *GetWord(char *text, char *gaps, int bzIndex) {
	int i=0, sc=0, ec=0, g=0;
	for (;text[i] && TextContains(gaps,text[i]);) i++;
	for (sc = i; text[i]; i++) {
		if (TextContains(gaps, text[i])) {
			while (text[i] && TextContains(gaps, text[i+1])) i++;
			if (++g == bzIndex) sc = i + 1;
		} else if (g == bzIndex) {
			while (text[i] && !TextContains(gaps, text[i])) i++;
			ec = i;
	return SubStr(text, sc, ec);

int main() {
	char text[] = "Hello World! Hello World! Hello World!";
	char word[] = "Hello";
	int count = 0;

	for (int i = 0; i < CountWords(text, " !"); i++) {
		if (strcmp(GetWord(text, " !", i), word)==0)

	cout << count;

	return 0;
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