I have a c# file from which the data/ value is passed to the xml file .
then the xml file is again called along with the updated data.
How do I do this?

So what you need to do is read an XML file, and grab its contents ?

There you go, hope this helps !

this is my XML Code
<Code>/*--APPEND START--*/
<![CDATA[,]]>idATTRIBUTE_NAME3 = 100
/*--APPEND END--*/
and this is my c# data idATTRIBUTE_NAME1 = 100,//attribute number

I want to check the c# file and get the attribute id number so that I get the value from xml file idATTRIBUTE_NAME = 102. how could I find the last id number in c# and write that in xml and then read the xml data back to the c# file

I suppose using crystal reports will help..its a third party tool available with Visual Studio 05/08 that lets you read from various data sources including XML files and put them into reports..i.e..in an organized way...der s hardly any code required fer dis....i recently worked on it..do forgive me if i m wrong
happy developin!!!