Hi, I just bought a hp laptop installed with Vista business and I hava installed in it Microsoft

Visual C++ 6.0. Initially, I was able to write programs with it but it could not execute the


Now, I am even faced with a bigger problem, it cannot open a workspace. When I go to

File>New>32 Console Appl>Finish>Okay .... a dialogue box appears on the sreen saying

Microsoft (R) Developer studio has stopped working. Then asks for debugging and when I

debug another window with the same debug appears until finally all the pragram windows


Could it be compatability issue btn Vista and Visual 6.0. Kindly assist.


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Given that Visual C++ 6 is 10 years old I would bet the farm that it's compatibility. I would highly suggest you upgrade to a version newer than a decade old.

>>Could it be compatability issue btn Vista and Visual 6.0
Yes. Toss that compiler out and upgrade to VC++ 2008. The Express edition is free, but doesn't support MFC.

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