I am having a problem with Visual Basic 6 in that in various screens (Options, Project Options and "New Project" (to name a few)) it is using FixedSys font instead of what it would normally use (Tahoma or MS Sans Serif if I remember right?).
How would I go about correcting this? I am unable to see some of the options due to the large font size pushing a lot out of view on the Option screens, and these screens can't be resized either (unfortunately!).

Just to clarify though, this isn't a problem with any programs I have built, just with the VB6 application itself.

VB6 has already been updated to SP6.


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Hmm OK, all seems to be working fine now.

I reinstalled SP6 and rebooted when done, but to no avail.
I left VB6 open but minimised it to look for things on the drive and when I re-maximised VB6, its all working fine.



Quick update - this appears to be a way of fixing this issue.
I recently reinstalled VB6 on a machine at work following a rebuild. I got the odd font appearing again in the Options screens etc.

I fixed it by going to c:\winnt\fonts and opening MS San Serif, viewing the font viewer window and closing it. Opened VB6 and all was fine.

I have since reinstalled another machine at work (again Windows NT 4.0) and had the same issue. The above procedure worked again.

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