Hey everyone,

I'm trying to make a perl script that logs me into my account, and fills this form for me for my job, but i cant get it past a drop down menu,

wat a person would manually do is put the mouse over this button, and list would drop down, then you'd click on your link... i think this is still considered a drop down menu, not an image link/java script thing....

I've tried using (all from WWW::mech),

$mech->follow_link( url_regex => qr/download/i );

$mech->follow_link( text => 'download', n => 3 );

$mech->follow_link( n => 3 );

  $mech->find_link( text => 'News', url_regex => qr/cnn\.com/ );

I used all these generic codes for my project (followed by a $mech->click();) but i couldnt get it past my drop down menu,

any help or advise? plz...

thank you ahead of time!

this is one of those "onmouse" drop down menu, like the ones on a news page

WWW:::Mechanize does not support javascript (which is clearly documented in the modules manpage on CPAN). Look into Win32::IE::Mechanize