Hi, it's me agin.

I would like to know if it's possible to customize a tabcontrol, so that I can have the tabpages shown horizontally when alignment is set to left or right.

If so, could someone give an example, or a link, of how to accomplish this?

I've been working with overriding OnDrawItem, but all I manage to do is make a complete mess.


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I don't really understand what you are trying to do but for more customization of tabcontrol goto TabControl1 > Tab Pages > Collection > and press "...".


I know how to use the TabControl as it is. I've used it many times.
And I know that you can align the actual tabs in any orientation, Top/Left/Bottom/Right.

However, when aligning them either Left or Right, the tabs are displayed vertically.
I would like to have them displayed horizotally, as if they would be when aligned Top or Bottom. But lined up vertically.

(tabs) (tab page)

(I suck at ascii graphics)

Is this possible?


Ohh i see what you mean, and from what i know you can't. However, im a begginer and there probably is a way you can do it. Im saying this because i've seen it done before.
Good luck;)


I believe it can be done, I just don't know how.
I do know that it requires some major customazation.

So I was wondering if anyone could provide with some intel or links as to where one might find such a control without, or prefereble with, sourcecode.

I've done some major google'ing, but most of my hits turn out to be nothing of what I'm looking for.

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