Hey, I've been trying to work with wxwidgets so I can start learning GUI's, problem is, it seems like all their libraries are full of errors. I have a hard time believing that a self-respecting group of people would release, as stable, something that would take hours, if not days, to just get it syntaxically correct. With that mindset, I'm wondering what I've done wrong in setting it up. Btw, I am using linux (ubuntu) w/ gcc.

Here's the steps I've done, there must be something I'm missing
1. Downloaded the zipped version of their libraries (v. 2.8 I think it is) from their website
2. Unzipped it to my desktop
3. ran the configure script included in the files

I've downloaded one of their sample scripts (since I figured it would work without tweaking since it's a sample) and try to compile it using this command: "g++ `wx-config --cxxflags` main.cpp `wx-config --libs`'. The amount of errors exceed my terminal's cache, an unbelievable amount of errors. Any idea on what I've done wrong? Any help would be appreciated.


P.S. I know ubuntu has the wx files downloadable from the package manager, but that seemed to work less than what I've done once they were installed.

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Asking on the relevant forum / mailing list for that project would be the sensible thing to do IMO.

You'll find the highest concentration of people able to fix the problem, and who may have experienced something similar very recently (and thus be able to tell you what to do).

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