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What kind of DB ?
Access, Oracle, SQL, MySql, ???
The easy way is to just issue the SQL comands from an SqlCommand component.


if anybody knows the code to backup the database then help me soon

Do you have any knowledge with SQL? If yes then try and use your Enterprise manager of SQL to Retrieve all Your file in the said Database.
Pls reply to put you through further


rams111 - If you want to get more advanced functionality, then study up on SMO.
That is what SQL Studio uses in the background to do all the backup and restore work (and well everything else in Studio). I've been using it for a very long time (since SQLDMO).

It is probably more advanced than what you are ready for, but I figured I should mention it in case you are delving into full backup and restore management from C#.

// Jerry


He could also use SSIS for those tasks but it more advanced, I saw the best solution is to use Backup SP, but also your solution Jerry is nice.


i couldn't get ur words but if u could provide me the sample code in c# that will be benifitial for me n thx for ur suggestion and waiting for another 2

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