i want to have view query in C# kindly let me know it

I don't understand what you are asking

i want to have view query in C# kindly let me know it

If you mean u want to use query(Like storedProcedure or exactly query) there is some ways:
*use Sql Server and write all your queries there,then bind your DB to your project in C#.
*use Local DataBase or Service-based DataBase(it depends on your need) from Project > Add new Item> Local DataBase/Service-based DataBase

of course in 2 ways u can use View too.(as storedProcedure)

if I understand your question we can follow more steps.

I don't understand what you are asking

i am asking that i want to restrict my data base. i have developed human resource mangement system in C# .net visual studio 2008. now i want to restrict users to access data from datea-base. for that purpose i want use view in c# but i dont have any idea how to use and how to make query of it

So are you asking how to create a view in MSSQL? If so then you're in the wrong forum. If you're asking how to call a view from C# it is the same syntax as querying a table:

Select *
From dbo.YourView

Please clarify.

create a string which hold your query..

and set debug while passing it...

hope that helps...

I don't know how to let others about my problem. i need to have query of view like string qry = "insert into Recruitme(Postof,Addtitle,daily,Addid,Name,Sonof,Sex,Placeofbirth,nationality,Placeofissue,Presentaddress,Permanentaddress,Email,Dated,DOB,NIC,Officeph,Residenceph,Mobileph)values('" + rq.PostOf + "','" + rq.AdPublish + "','" + rq.Daily + "','" + rq.AdID + "','" + rq.Name + "','" + rq.SonOf + "','" + rq.Sex + "','" + rq.PlaceBirth + "','" + rq.Nationality + "','" + rq.PlaceIssue + "','" + rq.Presentaddres + "','" + rq.Permanentaddress + "','" + rq.Email + "','" + rq.Dated + "','" + rq.DateOfBirth + "','" + rq.Nic + "','" + rq.officeph + "','" + rq.ResidancePh + "','" + rq.mobileph + "') ";
is there an body who understands??