I was wondering if I can get some guidance on the following questions.
Write a text menu-based program to allow a user to continually select from the following options:
a. Store up to a maximum of 20 integers in an array. Enter numbers until the sentinel value -
99 is entered. Be sure to warn the user if they attempt to enter too many numbers.
b. Print out all the values in the array.
c. Search for a specified number in the array. If the number is found, print, “The number
<insert number> is found”, otherwise print, “The number <insert number> is not found”.
d. Remove a number from the array. If the number is found, print, “The number <insert
number> has been removed” and move elements to get rid of the “space” in the array. Print
out an appropriate message if the number is not found.
e. Set all cells in the array to contain the same user-specified number.
f. Calculate the average of the numbers in the array.
g. Quit the program.

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Read your notes, start pseudo coding, brainstorm, crack a book, read API documentation on arrays. If you have any specific questions about a problem with your code, ask us.

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