TextBox1.Text = StrConv(TextBox1.Text, VbStrConv.ProperCase)

i have place the code in the textbox1 textchanged event..

bt when i type a name it is writing it backward n it converts the last letter only in Uppercase eg... when i type geeta it show me --> Ateeg

Can u plz help me ...

Do u want all Charecters of textbox in upper case?

it cause your cursor focus in first character after converted. then your next character will input as first character.
g -> G => first converted, cursor focus on the front of first Character : |G (| : is cursor)
ge -> Eg => |Eg
gee -> Eeg => |Eeg
geet ->Teeg => |Teeg
geeta -> Ateeg => |Ateeg

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Can u help me .. i want only the first character to be uppercase that is Geeta

actually your code is great but don't use it in textbox changed event. maybe u can convert it after user fill all the textbox.

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yes u r right ...
thanks it is working perfectly now..