I am using the begininvoke and endinvoke methods in visual studio 2005.

private: System::Void button_run_Click(System::Object^  sender, System::EventArgs^  e)
                 AsyncCallback ^ac = gcnew AsyncCallback(&InvokeTest::Form1::delegate_function_callback);
                 delegate_function ^df = gcnew delegate_function(this, &InvokeTest::Form1::function_to_invoke);

                 df->BeginInvoke(ac, df);


    private: delegate int delegate_function(void);

    public: int function_to_invoke(void)
                 label_status->Text = "Running";
                 //label_status->Text = "Stopped";

    private: static System::Void delegate_function_callback(System::IAsyncResult ^asyncresult)

I get the following errors.
1. warning C4101: 'asyncresult' : unreferenced local variable
2. error C2065: 'df' : undeclared identifier
3. error C2227: left of '->EndInvoke' must point to class/struct/union/generic type

Any Ideas as to why it doesnt recognize df? or a different way to use EndInvoke for anyone with experience with it? Thanks.

>>Any Ideas as to why it doesnt recognize df?
Its a scope issue. You declared it locally in Void button_run_Click(), so its not visible in function delegate_function_callback().