I have a requirement to fetch data from a database and store into another database. More explanation goes as follows:

I have a web application deployed on an application server. The JDBC connection fetches data from a oracle database. Now I have a need to fetch data from a remote database
(that is not the database of my application) and store some data into my current application's database.

The data should be fetched periodically and a scheduler needs to be designed so that every 1 hour data is fetched and the current database is updated.

From my own research, I found some info in this link:


Also, refer to the attachment for the source code for the above link.

Please let me know how I can design and implement such a solution.


Ehmm, you just have to do what is in tutorial. Did you actually look at it?

I've a feeling that many schools these days have homework assignments like "get someone on the internet to make XXXXX for you", where only XXXXX differs between assignments.

It's the only explanation I can think of for the flood of homework kiddos out there.