Hey, I've got a question on how to hold querystrings to use later on.
First of all, I'm using ASP.NET c# with an attached ORACLE server and I am working on making a very simple forum-based web-application.

I currently have one page which shows the sections ( which are in the database )
I currently have one page which shows the threads ( which are in the database )

Now, I have a querystring for the ID's of all the sections. So if i click on the first section it shows for example show_threads.aspx?target=1, since it redirects to a new page where all the threads linked to that sections ID should go.

The question is, how can i hold this querystring, so that if i got on the section, it still keeps the ID from the section, so i can only see the threads attached to this ID or start threads that are automaticly placed in this sections ID.

I hope you understand, since i'm still a beginner in programming.
Thanks in advance!

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