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1. Having the following function headings:

void GetValues(int &length, int &width, int &depth);
void CalcCubic(int length, int width, int depth, int &cubic);
void PrintCubic(int cubic);

Write a C++ program that asks the user to enter the length, width,
and depth of a swimming pool using GetValues( ). Calculate the
cubic volume using CalcCubic( ). Print the result using
PrintCubic( ). Add the function BaseArea( ) that returns the area
of the swimming pool base.

And this is my answer ::

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#include <iostream.h>
#include <math.h>
void GetValues (int &length, int &width, int &depth)
void CalcCubic(int length, int width, int depth, int &cubic)
	int volume=length*width*depth;
void PrintCubic (int cubic)

int BaseArea (int area,int length, int width, int depth)
	return area;

int main ()
	int x,y,z,h,i;
	cout<<"Enter the (length & width & depth ) of the swimming pool: ";
	GetValues (x,y,z);
	cout<<"\nThe cubic volume of the swimming pool= ";
	PrintCubic (h);
	cout<<"\nThe area of the swimming pool= ";
	cout<<BaseArea (i,x,y,z);
	return 0;

You havent explained your problem. I can see a few errors just by looking at it.

  • BaseArea (i,x,y,z); i hasnt been assigned a value yet
  • Change <iostream.h> to <iostream>
  • Your using std events but you fergot to add using namespace std; at the beginning of the code

<iostream.h> was declared deprecated

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