I've heard that pointers can be a pain in the butt to implement and now I know.. Basically, I'm supposed to input a last, first and middle name. Then compute the size needed for a dynamic array to hold the full name. After that dynamically allocate the array, check DMA success and do all the copying. Once the copying and concatenating is done pass it to my function and display the results. To me passing to a function to display is silly for such a small program, but that's what my instructor wants.. lol.. I wrote the code to do all the above minus passing to a function and instead just using cout to display, but when I tried to implement it in a function I got thrown a curve ball. I keep running into an error..

ERROR: cannot convert parameter 1 from 'char *' to 'char'

Here's the source code.


#ifndef Lab5_h
#define Lab5_h

	void DisplayName (char pFullName);



#include <iostream>
using std::cin;
using std::cout;
using std::endl;

#include <cstring>
using std::strcpy;
using std::strlen;
using std::strcat;

#include "Lab5.h"

int main ()

	char FirstName[20];
	char MiddleName[20];
	char LastName[20];
	char *pFullName;
	int Choice = 0;
	int Sum = 2;

	while (Choice != 9)
		cout << "Please input your last name.. (i.e. Doe) ";
		cin >> LastName;
		cout << "Now, input your first name.. (i.e. John) ";
		cin >> FirstName;
		cout << "Finally, input your middle name.. (i.e. Edward) ";
		cin >> MiddleName;

		Sum = strlen (LastName) + strlen (FirstName) + strlen (MiddleName);

		cout << "Sum is " << Sum << endl;

		pFullName = new char[Sum];

			if (pFullName == 0)
				cout << "Memory allocation failed -- exiting!\n";
				exit (1);

					strcpy (pFullName, FirstName);
					strcat (pFullName, " ");
					strcat (pFullName, MiddleName);
					strcat (pFullName, " ");
					strcat (pFullName, LastName);


		delete [] pFullName;

		cout << "Input 9 to QUIT..\n";
		cout << "Or 1 to CONTINUE with a new name.. ";
		cin >> Choice;


void DisplayName (char pFullName)
	cout << pFullName << endl;
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The header file and line 62 of the *.cpp file are incorrect. The parameter you have declared is just one single character -- I know of no names that consist of a single character.
It should be this: void DisplayName (char* pFullName); or this void DisplayName (char pFullName[]);


lol.. guess I should have made sure my prototype was correct. Thanks for pointing it out.

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