i have a problem here and i got to use lists to solve it!!
there is a furniture factory producing different kinds of furnitures but in sets, eg. (5 stools, 24 beds, 12 tables etc), these sets of furnitures r supposed to be in some kind of database.
am supposed to write a program that controls the purchase of this furnitures, order of furnitures should be by availability in the factory's warehouse!!
i just cant figure out some procedures i can use in this, someone's got an idea please? i must use lists!!

I'm not sure I understand your requirements.

Is this a homework assignment to use lists?

Or is this work-work?
Do you have an existing database or do you have to design it?
How does the database update (synchronize with warehouse stock)?
What do lists have to do with it?
Is the list homogeneous or heterogeneous?
Does this have to work over a network?