Hi there.
All mail sent through the SMTP server, i need to modify the message being sent through.
I thought of making either a C,bash,perl script to take in the message, modify it and return it to SMTP, or stop the SMTP process, and re-call it from the script.

Purpose of this is to have a pre-defined HTML template, and when users send plain text through, to wrap the HTML template around that.

It would be preferred to have my own file set up the HTML headers and for HTML, and do the sending through that. However killing the initial SMTP process that called the script in the first place.

Maybe i'm going about it all wrong, so i thought i'd get some feedback from someone.


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email client <---> filter <---> SMPT server Rather than connecting directly to mail.myisp.com, you connect to and the filter then connects to mail.myisp.com

Your filter looks like an SMTP server to your normal email client, and looks like an email client to your ISP's mail server.

The filter sees everthing going back and forth, so it can then mess about with the messages as it sees fit.

Start simple with a "logger" filter which just dumps everything to a file, so you get the hang of it.

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