im an intern student and my task is to make a popup message every 30 minutes to remind my boss about his task its like an alrm clock so i look on to the net and ive downloaded a file called PopupMessage Form and I want it to run it by a .exe file how can i run it? do i need to use a converter? inside of folder there are 4 files which one i can use the Form1(frm File)?, frmIBMessage (frm file also), MSSCCPRJ(scc file) or PopupMessageForm (vbp file)... need help

thx and advance.

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paste this in notepad. save as .vbs

it will remind you every minute. to change time , change 60000. its in milliseconds.

TYPE A TASK HERE : just type a task where it says that.


Function MainCode()
WScript.Sleep 60000
SpecifyTask = MsgBox("Your Task: (TYPE A TASK HERE)" & vbCrLf & vbCrLf & "Do you still want to be reminded?", 36, "Task Reminder")

If SpecifyTask = 7 Then
MsgBox "Thankyou for using Task Reminder by ahj9999.", vbOkOnly, "Task Reminder"
End If

If SpecifyTask = 6 Then
End If

End Function
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