I have a program that has several header files in a folder. Is there a way I can have the program automatically search through this folder whenever the particular .h is called?

If you have

And you include a.h, what exactly are you hoping to achieve with the other header(s) ?

So, more specifically, i recieved a plug-in from a company that has a lot of .h files that are necessary for the program to run however not all of the .h files in the plug in are needed. I was wondering if there is a way to set a search or second directory that the program looks to whenever a specific .h file is called

Plugin A is compiled, and includes a.h
Plugin B is compiled, and includes a.h and b.h

You just (assuming gcc) have
gcc -c -I/path/to/plugin/headers plugina.c pluginb.c

Where /path/to/plugin/headers/a.h is an absolute path name.

I appologize for my lack of experience, however I am not sure how to set the path. Could you possibly give some pointers on how to accomplish this? Thanks

Dunno - you don't say which OS/Compiler you're using.

I have windows Vista with visual studio 2005