Hi guys

I'm a fairly lightweight (in virtual world only, sigh) hobbyist who finds programming fascinating. I enjoyed teaching myself C++on my old machines. Bloodshed Dev C++ I found particularly robust and reasonably forgiving in older Windows OS. We recently switched to Linux for most of our machines and I found Anjuta a useful, if slightly eccentric, sub. Now, we've got an earth-shattering bruiser of a machine, which runs Vista, and steadfastly refused to compile .cpp files for Bloodshed. The error message is "g++: installation problem, cannot exec `cpp': No such file or directory." Is this simply an installation problem?

i haven't used vista really, but it does have the normal cmd prompt, right?
i'd try forcing it by invoking the MS compiler with
C:\yourfolder> cl -GX yoursource.cpp
gotta have ms visual studio stuff i think though. i tried this with empress some time ago but i've got dev so i don't really need it

Is this simply an installation problem?

Sounds like one, try adding the Dev C++ .\bin folder into your PATH and see if that makes any difference. Might be that the Dev C++ installer does not comply with Vista leaving some things missing.

I had the same problem with Dev-C++ when I first got Vista. Searched Bloodshed's forums and found that the compiler does have a few problems with paths on Vista. Go to Tools --> Compiler Options, click the Directories tab, then manually expand the paths you find there to contain the full path to all files. Then click the Programs tab and do the same thing.