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When I was running some demo applications I've found that I'm getting an exception in the std::list. After some time of debuging I found that the error coms from here:

bool operator==(const _Myt_iter& _Right) const
{// test for iterator equality

    _SCL_SECURE_TRAITS_VALIDATE(this->_Has_container() && this->_Same_container(_Right));
    // here I get the exception
    return (_Ptr == _Right._Ptr);

it's in [DRIVE]:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VC\include\list on line 298. If anyone has the same problem, let me know. Better if you know how to fix this (without try statement). :icon_wink:

could you post the demo-app which causes this error?
If I had to guess the demo is writing somewhere where it shouldn't be writing.

There are very few (actually none that I know of) errors in STL :)