i cant belive that you have to have a .net framework on the computer to run the C# apps. because of this no my friends cant use them. there should be away around this does ne body know if there is?

sorry i dont think there's a way.. i think everyone needs .net framework to do that... im not so sure.. read some articles on .net framework.. u shd be able to find your ans there..

You have to have the .net framework installed. You can include that as part of your install progam.

Because the programs written in C# require components of the .NET framework, it is impossible to run a C#.NET program without it. The source code you write doesn't get compiled directly into any kind of low-level language, but into an intermediate language that must talk to the .NET framework.
As it's been said, you can always include the framework as part of your program's distribution. Otherwise, anyone can download it FREE from Microsoft.

Oh, and for you programmers out there, there's a very cool IDE called Omnis Studio, with a pretty powerful scripting language, that is very nice. It too requires a runtime (similar to the framework). Problem is, every computer that runs your program must have a runtime license from the publisher...at about $250 a pop!

Tell them to update their xp to sp2 (if they run xp of course), its bundled with it!
Any other OS shouldn't be used anyway :P

hi to run a .NET application in other computers you need atleast the .net framework redistributable pakage which is about 20MB in size.

copy and paste the whole error message

nvm i tink i got the new version even though it is beta if it doesnt work i will lgive error

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