I am using Delphi 5
I wish to do date/time calcs

I have noticed now that I require the 'DateUtils' unit
in order to use Functions such as IncMinute

What are my options to get a copy of 'DateUtils' unit for Delphi 5
Is it downloaded, free, or what?

Please help?


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Here's a link all about it:
Tutorial: Handling Dates and Time in Delphi.

For D5 all the date-time stuff is in the System unit. The DateUtils unit first appeared in D6. While there are some extra-friendly functions there, it isn't anything you really can't do without.

You can either write your own routines to make up the difference, or I'm sure that if you search the web you can find the DateUtils.pas unit.

Things like IncMinute are really simple. For example:

function IncMinute(
  const aDateTime:        tDateTime;
  const aNumberOfMinutes: int64
  ):                      tDateTime;
  result := ((aDateTime *MinsPerDay) +aNumberOfMinutes) /MinsPerDay

Where MinsPerDay = MSecsPerDay *60 *60; Hope this helps.
Good luck.

Thanks everyone for feedback re DateUtils
I realise now that I require D6 in order to make use of the extensive date/time utils as in DateUtils.
Bummer! I only have D6.... at this time

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