Can anybody teach me how to use the java source code for loading the sound device in the program, and then we can hear what the people is say?

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I am really appreciate it..

In unix is device is represented as a file , open it read , write it.

In unix is device is represented as a file , open it read , write it.

What? This is even less coherent than the poster's question.

rainny, you need to restate the question and provide a little more info on what you are trying to do. As written, it is not clear.

Hi, everyone. What I means in the previous post is say that if I want to load the sound in the program, how should I write the coding? Whenever I open the program, I can hear what the people is say, and so that I can record down the people say every time?

If anything don't understand about the question, can ask me again.

Thanks for helping.

hi, ezzaral. Can u provide me some sample code on loading the sound in the program?
For example, when one person speaks, their sound load into the program so that i can transcribe the sound into text for futher action.
Thanks a lot for your helping.

Thank you.

If you are wanting to capture speech and process it, read through the tutorial on using the Java Sound API, especially the audio capture portion:

Converting speech to text is not exactly trivial and will involve quite a lot of complicated signal processing and analysis unless you have an existing speech-to-text engine available. None of that is present in the Java APIs.