I don't no which way to go, get Emu8086 to link to Visual C++ or Visual C++ to Emu8086, I mean I just don't know how to link it, I think Visual C++ links easily to MASM, yet I need Visual C++ to compile to assembly and then Emu8086 to build the ASM into the kernel, as we all know Emu8086 is compatible with some functions of MASM, would it be possible to do this, anyone tried?
By the way I am using Vista so I'll need compatible software and/or software for Vista.
Please Help.

By the way I'm making my first (or best attempt) at making an OS, bottom first and working my way up, I hope this is the right forum and I hope you can help, if not refer me to the right forum, please!

Re: No answers...

Tried it, no help, they don't understand much english there, I don't think - so I'm stuck!