hi guys i just installled java from http://www.java.com/en/download/help/download_error_codes.xml
i have installed the java succesfully and now i want to write some programs in java jst to learn the language but i dont know if there is a compiler with java also i mean as there is a borland c++ compiler for c++ i wud lyk to know if there is a compiler for java where i can compile and run the programs coz i really want to learn java.also tell me how i can get the compiler also. plz reply urgently i need help!!!

Please do not use "leet" speak. Your problem is not urgent. You can compile and run programs straight from the command line or use an IDE. You should start with command line and then move on to using an IDE, such as JBuilder, JCreator. Above all else you could have read the thread at the top of this forum Starting Java