Hello, I am trying to learn a few new things with the Java API and am wondering where to get started.

As of late I've been interested more and more in trying to construct bots, and I thought a good first step would be to try and create a minesweeper bot. While I do have good background in Java itself, I don't know the first thing about mouse click simulation, screen scraping (if necessary), and reverse engineering. I don't expect you guys to tell me everything in a mere forum thread, but I was wondering if any of the gurus here could point me in the right direction for answering some of these questions:

1) Is a minesweeper bot buildable in java?

1a) If so, where should I look to learn how to interface with the minesweeper program?

1b) If not, I assume that I should use C++. Any good starter tutorials?

Thanks kindly for any advice :D