I have started to use the PyScripter IDE and really like the many features it has. However, everytime I make an error in the code, and as a beginner I make a lot of errors, it rather ungraciously exits. There must be something wrong in my settings?

The internal run (ctrl/F9) is pretty klutzy when you have even the slightest error in your code, it simply shuts down!!!!

The external run (alt/F9) behaves more normal, showing you the error message in the output window. So, I would say use alt/F9. The little green run symbol should have been that command!

Otherwise PyScripter is a great Python IDE for the Windows environment. On top of that it is a standalone executable file. I think it is written and compiled in Delphi/Pascal or something like Python4Delphi. Code completion works great.

I find that PyScripter is more ornary with errors on Widows Vista than it is on Windows XP. Might be the OS that causes the problem.

Look at the popup window title when it it is forced to shut down under Vista! It is an OS window not a PyScripter window.