I develloping an engine but I have an small error and can't find it...
I want the user the say with icon he wants to use for his program :

WNDCLASSEX wndclass;
// ...
wndclass.hIcon = LoadIcon(m_hInstance,MAKEINTRESOURCE(GetIcon())); 
wndclass.hIconSm = LoadIcon(m_hInstance,MAKEINTRESOURCE(GetIconSmall()));
// ...
void SetIcon(WORD icon) { m_wIcon = icon;};
WORD GetIcon() {return m_wIcon;};
void SetIconSmall(WORD icon_small) {m_wIconSmall = icon_small;};
WORD GetIconSmall() {return m_wIconSmall;};

The big icon works perfect but it's the small icon that doesn't want :(
in the title bar of the program it isn't show but in the taskbar of windows it is showed ...
how can I make the icon show in the title bar ?

btw, when I Use a WNDCLASS (so without the hIconSm) the icon is shown in the title bar


Solved it :)

I'm working with a singleton to call functions from other classes in the winmain() (and winproc) but I forgot to give the other classes the Instance from the winmain...

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