I'm having a problem with printing the content of a multiline textbox in a PDF document created with PDFSharp. I've searched on their site but there's nothing there.
The user of my program is able to enter text in a multiline textbox that will be shown in either a pdf document or on a printed page.
When text is entered (more than one line) in the textbox and then shown in the PDF everything is on one line. Instead of writing the second line of the text box on a new row it writes it on the same line, just separated by a tab.Kinda hard to explain in english for me but by hitting "Enter" a tab is created instead of a new line.
I'm doing the exact same thing but with printprieview and every thing works perfect.

Does anybody have any ideas of what could be done to solve this problem??

Thanks in advance!


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I guess only the guys from PDFSharp can help you out. Its thier API and they know how are they adding the text in the PDF. By the way the i also deal with PDF. The library i use is iText. Try using this librray.

Ok, thanks!

The project is due this wednesday so I don't know if there's time to change to iText but thanks anyway!

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