I am new at Java. I have used Microsoft's Visual J++ but I have heard that it doesnot follow the java standard. Can you please give me the name of a good standard compiler that will work fine in windows XP.

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The problem is not the GUI software. javac is working fine for me and in command prompt java.exe is also working for me but if you double click the class file the command prompt window that pops-up show some sort of exception error. And if you compile the file in Jcreator Jcreator shows the output but the seperate command prompt window does not start so I cannot give any input to the program.:(

I don't think that you can double click a .class file since it is not executable.
As for JCreator there should be an option where you can set the arguments of the main method

I don't want to pass arguments to main method. You see I am also studying in university there we have Jcreator installed when you compile and run the java source code a new command prompt window opens and the program executes just as a C program but that is not working in my laptop.

Jcreator is not a complier it is a editor using this editor u can create the programs. So before u install the jcreator u must install java in ur computer. after install the java u install jcreator and then u run the java program easily. Download java from : http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/index.jsp.
and one more information Netbeans is editor like JCreator its powerful compare to jcreator so download install netbeans and work through netbeans. http://www.netbeans.org/downloads/

I have also used NetBeans but that too isnt working for me.

I would highly recommend downloading and using eclipse. It's free software and is a wonderful program to use and easy to set up.

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