I am using a webservice which has many objects and methods. Before being able to access any method, a method called authenticateuser is needed to be executed.

Taking ws as the webservice object, and after successfully executing the ws.authenticateuser(successfull result is shown with the boolean return value set to True), the session of ws gets lost and I'm not able to access any other method or object.

Any ideas please?



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have you tried actually storing it in a session?

Session("ws") = ws.authenticateuser

Sorry, I'm not sure if I'm going to be very helpful with this one :S

p.s. this should be posted in the asp .net forum :)


Actually this is a windows application project developed in VB.NET, where the client application needs to retrieve a value stored in a web service object. The method to retrieve that object can't be executed unless the authenticateuser method is first successfully executed. The problem is that even if this happens, the webservice object looses the session and can't access any method.


The web service is an ASP.NET application, and thus has session. So, again, have you tried storing it? ;-).

The way most web services work (that require authentication), is by taking the login user and password in each method.

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