Hello everyone,

as will be seen from the following massage I am new to C#.
I have dataGrid that reads data from mine database. Also, I can update database from dataGrid, but I want to update it in more ways. So, I have the following code just to see something, but to mine big surprise it does not give me the results that I expect:

dataSet1.Tables["Example"].Rows.ItemArray[j]=33 ;
MessageBox.Show(dataSet1.Tables["Example"].Rows .ItemArray[j].ToString());

MessageBox shows me the old value (the value is not changed). Why is that?

Thanks in advance.

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Did you commit the changes done at the dataset?!

Yes, I have tried it (it was also mine first guess), but with no results. I am doing something wrong, but don’t know what.

The row remains unchanged. For example the following code would give me message: “unchanged”


In despair I have tried all the combinations (before and after the line where I have tried to assign new value to the row):


The result is always the same – I can’t change anything, and I remind you that when I try the same thing with DataGrid it works just fine.

Mine next guess was that DataGrid locks in some way Dataset (stupid guess, but I was desperate) and I’ve tried the whole thing without Dataset, but with no results again.

Mine guess is that I am not committing changes in a Dataset the way I should, but I can’t find a mistake.


Sorry for wasting your time.

Mine case is proof that it is good to leave the code when you are tired and to come back to it later on. I forgot to put the following line:


While I was searching for some complex solutions I did not check basic things...

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