i have a program which read the input stream as a character then it transdforms this charcters to integers

in the input stream there is ^, ex , x^2
how can i deal with.

another Question:

when i use atoi(char) , there is an error

in the follwing program i'm trying to read a characters and transform them to integers .
the input will be in this form x^y
but i become an error

char x,y,z;
int i,k,res;


if( isdigit(x))
i= atoi(x);

k= atoi(z);

res= pow(i,k);


that is because the function atoi isn't for converting a char to an int, it converts a string (char array) to an int. If you want to convert a char to an int you need to type cast. for example:

char a = 'z';
int num = (int) a;
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