please give me some idea on how to program tic tac toe using user to user..

thank you..
god bless you all...

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OK that is a really open ended question...Before I (or anyone else) can even begin to help, we need to know a few things:

1) When you say user to user, do you mean like across a network? On the Internet? On the same computer?

2) Do you want to create a windowed application (or in general a GUI if you are not using windows), or did you have a console-based game in mind...?

3) Have you done any background work yourself? You need to post the code you have done so far, as well as any thoughts you have about solving the problem before we can help.

Without more specifics, you are likely to get an open-ended response to your question...

"Use a 'game loop' to check if there is a winner. Create a grid to hold the player choices. Loop and allow each player to enter his/her choice turn by turn."

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