hey guys ..
i am currently trying to do a project on speech to text conversion....
i am new to it but i know somethings like grammar n all but dont know how to use in or acces the grammar through the C# thing.....so plz help me out..

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Hehe, I don't think it is that simple. Speech to text relies on complex algorhytms analyzing hyphens (am I correct?).
At least according to the seminar I got from dragon naturally speaking. If I can dig up the powerpoint, I could share it, but I'm not certain that it would help.

Text to speech seems a little bit more probable, but you'll still need an extra sdk.
Have you researched the technical limitations of your project?

If you are still going on with this, I'd suggest you research a bit about speedlib. I think that is a library you might need.
If other people with more expertise can help, please do so. I'm not a master in speech recognition myself...

thnks mate...i am using speech SDK 5.1 from MS...i am able to compie grammar and all...problem is how do i do the same with codes..or rather how can i acces the cfg file....

well helo there once again....
well infact i solved my problem...i was doing a project that is to add a voice plugin for IE which i did without much difficulty...it was far simpler than i thought and was fun programming in C#....this thing is cool...especially the speech api of vista i had a great time coding it in the COM way....thnx jens u cared to reply among the thousands here....

well if any one needs help dnt hesitate to contact..patriotist...



Not a problem :p. Glad I could help a little bit.
And thanks for the offer, but I don't need help at the moment. Giving other people help can be fun too.

Well, back to work now, last weeks have been unforgiving :D. Dont forget to mark the thread as solved though.

i need to type the words i speak in a test box....on the recongnition event it gets fire randomly and pick up words randomly from grammar file..could you please help?

hi guys
i need help with my project
(speech to text using neural networks)
if any body knows any thing about this plz send to email

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