I have two computers set up at home. My Windows XP machine won't run CGI scripts for some reason. I'm trying to get my old Win2k machine to run it with IIS. How do I code the action line in an online form to run it on another machine on my home network? (This is my first endeavor to get the two machines talking to one another.)

Do you have an http server installed on your XP machine and perl? You can install and configure the apache http server on your XP box and run your perl based CGI scripts. If you want to get your two boxes communicating you will have to network them and setup one up as a server, but I can't help you with that and that has nothing to do with perl anyway.

I've tried figuring out Apache, but have been miserably unnsuccessful with it. IIS is installed on my XP machine, but I can't get CGI scripts to run successfully on it for some unknown reason. That's why I'm trying to get IIS running on the 2k machine, so that I can test my Perl scripts.