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I want to create an application containing a lot of fields, my problem is the client want to maintain the records of payment and the date. I have created database containing only one tables. How can I handle this kind of database management, the goal is, if the customer paid for this month, then add to the database but the problem is for the succedding month. how can I keep the old records. I know that the customer information doesn't change but the payment and date will varies. I am thinking that I have to create field with fieldname (month and year example for this month June_2008, for next month july_2008 and the value is the date inputted which the user made a payment) but I am using microsoft access database and i don't know the limitation of number of fields and maybe it become slowly if it takes to much field. I am using visual studio 2005.

Please help me.

Thanks in advance

What you can do is create a Payments table with the customer id as Primary Key, paymentdate, and paymentinfo. Then store the payment recieved according to customerid, paymentdate. This will be easier to habdle and Query. Please read about Database Normalization if yu can.

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>I have created database containing only one tables.


One table, there is your problem/

Hi sierrainfo,

thanks for the help.


I am glad to help. If your problem has been solved, please mark this as solved.

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