I'm rather new to VB, I'm starting my 6th week in the course at school. I made a form that includes a Windows Media Control and all the coding is correct to run the application. I have it set up so that the URL is already assigned because I have a specific video I want to play. But if I go onto a system that has more drives than my pc, the drive that contains the folder is changed and it won't play the video. How could I fix this? I am using VB 6.0 on Windows XP. What I'm hoping to do is possibly include the .wmv file with the .exe so that I could send the .exe to friends without having to send both files.

Hi i dont know how to embed a .wmv into your .exe. but you can use Absolute path (App.Path) to represent your file name in your coding. You should have your file in the directory where your exe file is located.
For Example

Dim sPath as String
sPath = App.Path & "\MyFile.wmv"

MMPlayer.FileName = sPath This may be wrong just for example

So if you give your exe with .wmv then it plays .wmv only if the file is also in same directory.