Hi all,

I want to create a Java product developer. That means a tool to update an existing version of an application automatically. You guys/gals have any idea.

If you know any example regarding that, please put a link here to see. I really appreciate that.

Thanks a lot. :)

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Thanks for the replay.

So I.m going to write my own update class.

As the first step I'm going to read a file on the specific location of the server and find the version. If the version is differ do the update process.

So can you give me a hint how can I read a file on the server from the client.



Thanks, I do that part.

I found a sample project on following link.


I try to run the project and have a test. Got a run time error.

svn: The VCC property was not found on the resource

I have no idea about that. So please tel me how to fix this error. Please have a test run on that project.

Thanks a lot


No idea. Have you read the documentation on setting it up? Do you have Subversion installed, since it seems to be an SVN based installer?


I'll checking it. Probably I have installed wrong one here. I'll see and let you know about that.

Thanks for the replay.

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