can i get the full file path from specified file name (.exe)
an arbitrary file (.exe)

look at argv[0] -- some compilers put the full path in there.

...but that is not guaranteed. It is usually a safe bet that it contains at least the simple name of the executable ("foo.exe"). It may also contain either an absolute path or a relative path.

On POSIX systems (Unix, Linux, Mac OS X, etc), use getcwd() and combine the result with argv[0].

On Win32, use GetModuleFileName().

Hope this helps.

>>but that is not guaranteed
Yes I know, which is why I made the qualified statement. Only some compilers do that.

getcwd() only gets the current working directory, which is also available in MS-Windows. If the program changes directories before calling getcwd() itt will not give you what you are looking for, assuming you want the path to the *.exe file.

I don't know if there is a POSIX equivalent to GetModueFileName(), but getcwd() is not it.

> Yes I know...
I know you know... But I thought I'd give the OP more. ;)

There is no POSIX equivalent to GetModuleFileName(). You have to use getcwd() as soon as your program starts or at least before anything changes the current directory.

Hope this helps.

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