hi im a student specialising in software development n my last semester is approaching n i have to give the topic to my supervisor...i don't knw on wat topic to do....can u please help me in finding a topic..my project should be a simple and understandable one..my project is based on programming language vb.net...please find a solution!!:sad:

Cash register program.

How about an application that automatically spell checks/corrects leet speak and lazy speak to actual english?

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hey the cash register program...can u please be more elaborate and can u explain clearly wat the application does and how it can help the IT society..? can u tell me stepwise how the project will be based on this application?

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Well I don't know about the benefits to the IT society...but a cash register program could have the following features:

  • A database table which contains item numbers, descriptions and prices for every item in the store.
  • Allows a cashier to enter items into a transaction using the item numbers from the database (ie a barcode).
  • After each item is entered, the cashier can total the sale up, ask the customer for the amount, compute how much change is due if any and complete the transaction.
  • Print a receipt for the customer.
  • Track all transactions in a database for accounting purposes (this is known as a journal).

Since your program would need some benefit to the IT community...instead of the cash register, try building an issue reporting system for the IT staff at your University. It would probably have to do the following things:

  • Have a user interface for customers who are experiencing problems. They can submit a report with fields such as Problem type, Category (software, hardware, viruses, operating system, etc...), Phone number, E-mail address, Problem description. Users should be able to login to see the status of their problems they have submitted.
  • Have another user interface for the staff who can login and see what problems have been reported. They can edit the reports to include details of the corrective actions they took. They can change the status of each issue to "closed" when work is done on fixing the problem.
  • Allow statistics of how many issues are closed in a certain amount of time or what staff member is closing the most issues, etc...

need some help for drawing a user interfaces for my final year project

Chuck, what Dukane is trying to explain is called 'Point Of Sale'.
it can be used in stores and other sales outlets
Nilam Padval, you need to inform the community on the project. like giving the name of the project and whats its meant to do.